Camper(s) of the Week

Sisters: Alexandra (A)  and Olivia (O)

Nicknames: Alex and Olive

1.     Who is your favorite horse to ride and why?

O: Sally because I like how fast she goes.

A: Giacomo because every single time I ride him I feel like I’m improving and working on something new.

2.     What is your favorite tuck shop candy?

O: Twix

A: Reeces

3.     What is your favorite evening activity and why?

O: Soccer because we don’t have rules and I can push people.

A: Bareback because it’s relaxed, fun, and different!

4.     What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

O: Spending time with my bunk. We play cards and sometimes we go run through the corn.

A: I like to ride cross-country because the horses always enjoy it and it’s fun to jump outside the ring.

5.     What is your favorite barn chore?

O: Sweeping because I like being one of the last people to leave!

A: Barn manager. You feel rewarded when you leave the barn and it looks nice and clean. I also like to muck stalls because I feel I’m taking care of my horse rather then just riding him.

6.     Why did you come to New Meadow?

O: I look up to my older sister {who promptly glared at her} so of course I wanted to go.

A: I went to Ashford day camp and I would always hear the girls who had gone to New Meadow talk about all the fun things they had done.

7.     Do you like to go on trails?

O: I like when we take off and gallop on them!

A: I like being able to explore with my friends in the magic forest and on the rollercoaster.

8.     Where is your favorite place to hide during Man Hunt (competitive hide and seek!)?

O: Behind the stage!

A: Behind the logs next to the upper bunk!

9.     Is there anything you would like people to know about New Meadow?

O: It’s fun and you get to be worry free for a month!

A: From a social aspect it’s closer then just your friends at school it's more like family.  For riding, everyday you do something different it could be drill team, we did a dressage lesson, we rode out in the field, and this weekend is a hunter show.  You never get bored of just riding in the ring.

Olivia jumping Mustang Sally!

Olivia jumping Mustang Sally!

Alex working hard as barn manager.  

Alex working hard as barn manager.  

Weeks 3 and 4!

Wow what a busy two weeks! 

Week three started with a trip to the Virginia Horse Center where two of our riders competed in the hunter and jumper classes.  The whole camp tagged along for support and to sample the vendors.  

We had great weather and the girls were able to ride two and even three times a day! It definitely wore them out a little but made bed time that much easier for the counselors. The horses are enjoyed the extra work as well.  

The week ended at the Spottswood horse and pony show.  It was a stressful morning getting two loads of horses and two loads of rambunctious kids to the show grounds but we made it! The storms cleared and allowed us to enter almost every class offered.  Every one of our riders rode fantastically and did Anita proud.  

Week four went a bit too fast.  It feels like just yesterday everyone was arriving and now the farm is eerily quiet without kids chasing dogs or yelling with their friends.

Mid week three girls went to the Farmington Hunt Club horse show and two accompanied them as their grooms.  It was a long and very hot day but Ziggy, Pinocchio and Rollo took care of their riders and they brought home great ribbons! 

While they were at the show the rest of us played a game or three of sardines.  We learned that our art teacher, Lindsey, is the best at finding hiding spots and the dogs are all very good at giving them away.

We also had a visit from the Wells Fargo horses! They stayed in our barn for a few nights while they were to perform in a parade.  The girls enjoyed looking at the wagon and begging (unsuccessfully) to take a ride in it.

Here's to another great four weeks!

A friend makes any job better

Week 2!

We had a fantastic end to our second week of camp at the Breezy River horse show! The day started drizzly and grey but we lucked out and it cleared up as soon as we got there.  All of our riders not only rode well but were all in the ribbons. We had many champions and reserve champions!  The horses all enjoyed their day off the farm and the girls enjoyed the concession stand. 

Our trip to humpback rock was a success and a few campers even managed to give me some heart palpitations while exploring the top.  However, the view was beautiful and everyone (except Tulip Rose) enjoyed the climb.

This week we took a trip to the horse center to see an Arabian horse show.  Our day campers tagged along and although a little tired they still managed to enjoy themselves.  

We are trying to get as much riding in as possible! Besides normal morning lessons everyone has been riding either at free time, in the afternoon, or both! Everyones riding has improved greatly and it made all the staff proud to see them in the show ring.

Tonight we are off to watch some fireworks to celebrate the fourth of July! Tomorrow will be our day to relax and maybe go on a slip' n' slide into the pond (weather permitting) or some other adventure.

Flicker photos from the week have been/ are being uploaded

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Aya's feet!

Aya's feet!

Meet the Camper Week 2! Aya!

Nickname: I(dash)A

How did you find out about New Meadow?

My old riding instructor went here for years and told me about this place when I started riding and that it was really fun.  So I came.

Who is your favorite horse?

Willum. Because he is really good but still difficult.  He’ll listen if you ask him in the right way so he’s still a challenge.

What’s your favorite barn chore?

My favorite barn chore is probably watering because you don’t have to carry heavy things and it doesn’t take like 45 minutes like sweeping.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done here?

Generally jumping.  Because it’s fun and thrilling! You get to go fast.

What’s your favorite meal at camp?

Bagels, cheesy potatoes (without bacon) or latkes, PIZZA!

What’s your favorite thing to do besides riding?

Swimming in the pool

What are you most excited for the rest of your time here?

Going to a horse show.  But it’s also what I’m most nervous about because I’ve never been to a show before.

Do you like to go out on trails?

It depends.  If it’s just a walk trot trail it’s a little boring but I like when we get to jump a bit!

Is there anything you would want people to know about New Meadow?

Basically it’s more then just riding.  You’re not being stalked by counselors like at other camps.  You get to do your own thing and take care of your own horse.

Aya and Willum

Aya and Willum

Our First Week of Camp!

Wow! I can’t believe this week has gone by so fast! We will be sad to see some of our new friends go but excited to have new ones coming to camp next week.

We did a lot this week! The girls got to see some vaulting and llamas at the Virginia Horse Center, they took a trip to get ice cream at Klines, attempted to go to the drive in theater (but we had the wrong day) so went to the regular movies instead.

They made pillows and tie dyed shirts in art, bathed horses, learned to lunge a horse, mucked some stalls, and roasted marshmallows over a reluctantly lit bonfire.

The rain put a little damper on our plans and made it hard to go out on trails or ride in the field but it gave us a good excuse to get some bareback practice in the ring. 

While the horses are enjoying their day off we are planning to hike a mountain (or maybe just a large hill)! Pictures of the view to come!

Here are some pictures from this week!

2015 Shows & Events Schedule

Here you go everyone!  Note that there are still more shows going on in the area that have yet to post their dates, also the clinicians for this summer will be posted soon!

21 - First Day of camp! Campers arrive between 10 & 12 (noon)
23-24 - House Mountain Horse Show at VA Horse Center
26-28 - VA Horse Center: VA Commonwealth Games & Vaulting Championships
26-28 - SWVHJA horse show at Deep Run Hunt Club
27 - Plain Dealing Farm XC Schooling, SJ Fix-A-Test, Dressage Fix-A-Test
28 - Plain Dealing Farm Starter HT & SWVHJA horse show at Mill Creek

1-5 - VA Horse Center: Arabian Horse Show
2-3 - Aude Bauserman Dressage Clinic
4 - Independence Day! & Chapel Springs XC Schooling with SOAR Eventing
5 - Chapel Springs Starter HT & SWVHJA at Stone Bridge Equestrian Center
7-8 - VA Horse Center: House Mountain Hunter/Jumper Show
10-12 - VA Horse Center: Dressage at Lexington
11 - Spottswood Horse Show & SWVHJA at Randolph College
12 - Great Beginnings Horse Show at Kemper Knoll Farm
15-18 - VA Horse Center: Rockbridge County Fair & Southern States Horse Show
16 - Farmington Hunt Club Horse Show
17-18 - VA Horse Center: Cutting Horse Show
18 - PARENT'S DAY AT CAMP!!! Riding between 10-12, Lunch from 12-1.
19 - First Day of 3 week session (campers arrive between 10-12)
22-26 - VA Horse Center: US Pony Club Championships
25-26 - SWVHJA at Memory's Hill Stables
24 - Schooling Combined test or Horse trials at New Meadow
30 - Steuart Pittman Clinic 
30-Aug 2 - VA Horse Center: Arabian Horse Show

1 - Keezlenutten Farm Horse Show & SWVHJA at Stonebridge Equestrian Center & Middlebrook Horse show
5-9 - VA Horse Center: "AA" Lexington Horse Show
8 - Farmington Hunt Hunter Pace & Last day of the 3 week session (pick up between 9-11)
9 - First Day of 1 week session (campers arrive between 10-12)
13-15 - VA Horse Center: Barrel Racing Championships
15 - Last Day of Camp :( Pick up between 9-11, Thanks for a great summer, see you next year!

Camp Reunion for the summers of 2013 and 2014!!!!

March 21-March 22 

We are hosting our first annual Camp Reunion at New Meadow Farm.  We invite campers from the summers of 2013 and 2014 to come back to camp for a weekend of riding and fun!  Bring your sleeping bags, memories, and riding gear, toothbrushes optional ;)

Have your parents drop you off at camp on Saturday March 21 around 10, we'll hang out, have lunch, ride a bunch of horses, and reminisce about last summer.  Then we'll have a slumber party with pizza and movies at the farm Saturday night (don't worry about the cold girls, we're staying in the main house!).  Sunday morning we'll ride after breakfast, and your parents should come to pick you up after lunch between 1-2.

Parents…..  What a great way to have a quick weekend getaway for yourselves!  Stay in a cozy B&B in Lexington, VA and enjoy antiquing and history tours, or stay in a hotel in Staunton, VA for the great restaurants and art galleries.  Don't forget to check out Rockbridge Vineyard, which is about 4 miles from New Meadow after you drop off your campers Saturday morning!

Please RSVP to Jess Kulp via email by March 1, 2015.

Open House

Interested in visiting New Meadow Farm to see if it is the right camp for you?  We're having an Open House Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 10-2.  Take a tour, meet some of the staff, and see some horses!