Week 2!

We had a fantastic end to our second week of camp at the Breezy River horse show! The day started drizzly and grey but we lucked out and it cleared up as soon as we got there.  All of our riders not only rode well but were all in the ribbons. We had many champions and reserve champions!  The horses all enjoyed their day off the farm and the girls enjoyed the concession stand. 

Our trip to humpback rock was a success and a few campers even managed to give me some heart palpitations while exploring the top.  However, the view was beautiful and everyone (except Tulip Rose) enjoyed the climb.

This week we took a trip to the horse center to see an Arabian horse show.  Our day campers tagged along and although a little tired they still managed to enjoy themselves.  

We are trying to get as much riding in as possible! Besides normal morning lessons everyone has been riding either at free time, in the afternoon, or both! Everyones riding has improved greatly and it made all the staff proud to see them in the show ring.

Tonight we are off to watch some fireworks to celebrate the fourth of July! Tomorrow will be our day to relax and maybe go on a slip' n' slide into the pond (weather permitting) or some other adventure.

Flicker photos from the week have been/ are being uploaded 


Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Aya's feet!

Aya's feet!