Camper(s) of the Week

Sisters: Alexandra (A)  and Olivia (O)

Nicknames: Alex and Olive

1.     Who is your favorite horse to ride and why?

O: Sally because I like how fast she goes.

A: Giacomo because every single time I ride him I feel like I’m improving and working on something new.

2.     What is your favorite tuck shop candy?

O: Twix

A: Reeces

3.     What is your favorite evening activity and why?

O: Soccer because we don’t have rules and I can push people.

A: Bareback because it’s relaxed, fun, and different!

4.     What is your favorite thing to do at camp?

O: Spending time with my bunk. We play cards and sometimes we go run through the corn.

A: I like to ride cross-country because the horses always enjoy it and it’s fun to jump outside the ring.

5.     What is your favorite barn chore?

O: Sweeping because I like being one of the last people to leave!

A: Barn manager. You feel rewarded when you leave the barn and it looks nice and clean. I also like to muck stalls because I feel I’m taking care of my horse rather then just riding him.

6.     Why did you come to New Meadow?

O: I look up to my older sister {who promptly glared at her} so of course I wanted to go.

A: I went to Ashford day camp and I would always hear the girls who had gone to New Meadow talk about all the fun things they had done.

7.     Do you like to go on trails?

O: I like when we take off and gallop on them!

A: I like being able to explore with my friends in the magic forest and on the rollercoaster.

8.     Where is your favorite place to hide during Man Hunt (competitive hide and seek!)?

O: Behind the stage!

A: Behind the logs next to the upper bunk!

9.     Is there anything you would like people to know about New Meadow?

O: It’s fun and you get to be worry free for a month!

A: From a social aspect it’s closer then just your friends at school it's more like family.  For riding, everyday you do something different it could be drill team, we did a dressage lesson, we rode out in the field, and this weekend is a hunter show.  You never get bored of just riding in the ring.

Olivia jumping Mustang Sally!

Olivia jumping Mustang Sally!

Alex working hard as barn manager.  

Alex working hard as barn manager.