Meet the Camper Week 2! Aya!

Nickname: I(dash)A

How did you find out about New Meadow?

My old riding instructor went here for years and told me about this place when I started riding and that it was really fun.  So I came.

Who is your favorite horse?

Willum. Because he is really good but still difficult.  He’ll listen if you ask him in the right way so he’s still a challenge.

What’s your favorite barn chore?

My favorite barn chore is probably watering because you don’t have to carry heavy things and it doesn’t take like 45 minutes like sweeping.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done here?

Generally jumping.  Because it’s fun and thrilling! You get to go fast.

What’s your favorite meal at camp?

Bagels, cheesy potatoes (without bacon) or latkes, PIZZA!

What’s your favorite thing to do besides riding?

Swimming in the pool

What are you most excited for the rest of your time here?

Going to a horse show.  But it’s also what I’m most nervous about because I’ve never been to a show before.

Do you like to go out on trails?

It depends.  If it’s just a walk trot trail it’s a little boring but I like when we get to jump a bit!

Is there anything you would want people to know about New Meadow?

Basically it’s more then just riding.  You’re not being stalked by counselors like at other camps.  You get to do your own thing and take care of your own horse.

Aya and Willum

Aya and Willum