Meet the Camper Week 1: Grace

 How many years have you come to camp?

“This is my second year coming to New Meadow.”

Who is your favorite horse?

“I like Ziggy Stardust because he is spunky, different, and has a lot of personality.”

What is your favorite thing to do at camp besides riding?

“Swim at the pool during free time.”

What is your favorite meal at camp?

 “For breakfast I like grilled cheese, I like having potatoes with my lunch and a cheese related item, and for dinner… probably pasta.”

Who is your favorite counselor(s)?

“Both Kaleigh and Cailie because they are not super strict and they make it super fun.”

Where do you like to ride the most?

“I’ve never ridden in the fields but I really want to.  I like to go on the trails.”

What do you want do most this summer?

“I really want to show but I won’t be here for long enough.  And I want to be able to jump higher.”

How do you like the horse you are riding this week (Juan Carlos)?

“He’s pretty challenging but I like it.  He is really hard to jump but he is a different horse on the trail.  He gets pretty excited!”

Any thing you want people to know about New Meadow?

“New meadow is a great riding camp! You make tons of friends and it makes me want to cry when it’s time to go home!”

Pictured below: Grace riding Ziggy bareback