Jimmy Wofford Clinic

Thursday, July 31, 2014 at New Meadow Farm




Address ______________________________________________________________________________




Phone _____________________________   Email________________________________________________


Rider Level/Experience (Please be candid, this information will be used to place you and your horse in the appropriate clinic group, use reverse side if you need more space, and please include the level at which you are competing if applicable.)







Horse’s name______________________________________________  Breed_________________________

Age _______________  Color _________________________ Experience _____________________






Clinic               $200

Stabling          $35 (limited availability, please email asap to reserve)

Audit only      $20


Total               $_____________________


Please make checks payable to New Meadow Farm

Mail form and payment to New Meadow Farm, PO Box 586, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444


Contact Jess Kulp

Phone: (610) 825-9838 or (540)377-9474

Email: newmeadowfarm@msn.com


Physical address of New Meadow Farm & clinic location is:

863 Lotts Road, Steeles Tavern, VA 24476